Supercrete Block System Drawings

All .dwg files are in AutoCAD 2004/Lt 2004 format.

Section 1 - Supercrete Block System General Details


BLK-1.2 - Wall Construction Checklist

BLK-1.3 - Base Course Setout External Block Walls 3D View

BLK-1.4 - Typical Block Wall Bond Beam 3D View

BLK-1.5 - Typical Window Formation Concrete Lintel 3D View

BLK-1.6 - Typical Movement Control Joint

BLK-1.7 - Garage Door to Blocks 3D View

BLK-1.8 - Typical Parapet Detail 3D View

Section 2 - Supercrete Block System Foundation Details


BLK-2.0 - Foundation Edge Rebate Types

BLK-2.1 - Internal Wall - Slab Thickening

BLK-2.2 - Type 1 Foundation Detail

BLK-2.3 - Type 2 Foundation Detail

BLK-2.4 - Type 3 Foundation Detail

BLK-2.5 - Type 4 Foundation Detail

BLK-2.6 - Type 5 Foundation Detail

BLK-2.7 - Type 6 Foundation Detail

Section 3 - Supercrete Block System Wall Junction Details


BLK-3.0 - Typical External Wall & Internal Wall Junction

BLK-3.1 - Alternative Internal to External Wall Junction

BLK-3.2 - Plan of Block to Panel Cladding Joint

BLK-3.3 - Plan of Block to Panel Cladding Corner Joint

BLK-3.4 - Junction of Weatherboards to Block

Section 4 - Supercrete Block System Wall to Floor and Ceiling Junction Details


BLK-4.0 - Block to Structural Floor Junction

BLK-4.1 - Block to Timber Joist Framed Floor Connection

BLK-4.2 - Internal Block Wall to Panel Flooring

BLK-4.3 - Block to Panel Cladding Gable Horizontal Joint

BLK-4.4 - Block to Panel Cladding Horizontal Movement Joint

BLK-4.5 - Block to Panel Flooring Junction

Section 5 - Supercrete Block System Bond Beam Details


BLK-5.0 - Cast Insitu Bond Beam Types

BLK-5.1 - Movement Control Joint Through Bond Beam

BLK-5.2 - Control Joint in Stepped Wall Top of Wall Detail

Section 6 - Supercrete Block System Window & Door Details


BLK-6.1 - Cast Insitu Lintel Types

BLK-6.2 - Vertical Section through Aluminium Window

BLK-6.3 - Timber Window Detail

Section 7 - Supercrete Block System Parapet & Roof Details


BLK-7.0 - Typical Parapet Detail

BLK-7.1 - Typical Internal Gutter Detail

BLK-7.2 - Typical Internal Gutter Outlet Detail

BLK-7.3 - Typical Deck/Balcony Junction Detail

BLK-7.4 - Typical Apron Flashing

BLK-7.5 - Block Raking Soffit Junction Exposed Interior Rafters

BLK-7.6 - Typical 200mm Block Soffit Junction

BLK-7.7 - Typical 250mm Block Soffit Junction

BLK-7.8 - Typical 300mm Block Soffit Junction

BLK-7.9 - Typical Block End Wall Soffit Junction

Section 10 - Supercrete Block System Miscellaneous Details


BLK-10.0 - Typical Pergola Support Bracket

BLK-10.1 - Pipe/Conduit Penetration Through Block Walls

BLK-10.2 - Vertical Section Through Meter Box

BLK-10.3 - Steel Column Encased in Block Wall

BLK-10.4 - Steel Portal Frame Encased in Block Wall

BLK-10.5 - Knee Detail Steel Portal Frame Encased in Block

BLK-10.6 - Knee Detail for Concrete Portal Encased in Block

BLK-10.7 - Cast-in Hardwood Beam Section

BLK-10.8 - Cast-in Hardwood Beam Plan & Elevation