Company Profile

Our Story

Supercrete is a lightweight Autoclaved Aerated Concrete product with excellent insulation, thermal efficiency, fire resistance and sound transmission blocking capabilities. This product comes with a big environmentally friendly tag which followed our vision to build an environmentally friendly masonry building system from the inside of the building out to the final coat of paint.


Supercoat Ltd developed the Supercoat range of Coating Systems which were specifically formulated for use over Supercrete AAC products. The diversity of Supercoat's Acrylic technologies allowed it to be developed and refined for Roof Coating, Internal/External walls, Waterproofing Agents and Acrylic Textures and Base Coats. In 2010 Supercoat released a full line of cementitious plasters and textures under the Supercoat brand.


Our Approach

We offer a comprehensive approach to supporting the innovation initiatives required by the building and coatings industry. Our model is grounded in our deep history of Research & Development, and balanced with over 25 years of collaborative work which has been added to by many of the worlds leading experts in the field of Applied Acrylic Coatings and Autoclaved Aerated Concrete.


Superbuild, leading the way to a sustainable building future..

Quality Control

We have strict quality control measures in place and strive to maintain consistent high standards to meet the needs of our customers. Our strength lies in purchasing only high quality raw materials in order to achieve high quality standards of finished products. Supercrete and Supercoat coating system technologies are backed by qualified chemists who have vast experience in various sectors of the paint and concrete industries. An ongoing modernisation policy is adopted with regard to equipment and procedures. We have also built very strong relationships with several major organisations in the global AAC & Coatings industries. This provides us with the most up to date information and industry techniques.