Supercrete Panel Cladding Systems

The Supercrete Panel Cladding Systems is a 50mm thick steel reinforced panel used to clad the outside of timber or steel frame buildings. Panels are 600mm wide and are available in a range of sizes up to 2400mm long. The panels are screwed to horizontal steel battens which are fixed to the building framing outside the building wrap. The Supercrete 50 Panel Cladding system consists of a closed cavity behind the panels to fully utilise the materials thermal, acoustic and breathable properties. The Supercrete 50 Panel Cladding System provides a very cost effective, high quality, solid masonry building shell which is only possible by the systems unique and proven construction detailing. The Supercrete 50 Panel Cladding System also provides a superior substrate for the range of Supercoat Coating Systems.


The Supercrete 50 Panel Cladding System comes at a considerably lower cost compared to the 75mm thick option whilst maintaining all the inherent benefits of our unique system.

Supercrete Panel Cladding Systems Brochure

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